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Advantages Of A Bespoke Kitchen Design

A kitchen is really the heart of any home. Whether it’s grabbing that well-needed cup of tea to get you started during the day, making meals with friends or loved ones or hiding out during a party you don’t want to be at, you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at those four walls for as long as you’re living at your current property.

Everyone uses their kitchen differently, and just like how no two people on earth could possibly be the same, no two kitchens will ever be used the same either, so why settle for a pre-set design? Only you know exactly how you’ll be using your space from day to day, so why not plan from the ground up?

A bespoke kitchen is one of the best ways to really get the most out of your space. It gives you complete creative control over every aspect of your kitchen design, giving the opportunity to really fulfil you and your family’s needs.


If there’s one thing a bespoke kitchen design can give you, it’s complete flexibility with your choices. What’s important is that the design is built around you, rather than the pre-set instructions on a flat pack. This will allow you to choose whatever features you desire. Whether it’s optimal storage, more of an open-plan design or minimal décor, it’s all up to you.


Can’t choose between elements from different types of kitchen design? Why not incorporate them all! A bespoke kitchen design is ultimately your unique vision that we will help shape with you to make it look it’s best.

When you choose bespoke, all the different design choices are completely up to you. Whether you want to go light and airy, dark and mysterious, or a metallic kitchen, it’s completely your call.


A bespoke kitchen will be one of the easiest kitchens you’ve ever used. You’ll know the use of every drawer, every cupboard and everything will be in its proper place. With other kitchens, it can be hard to find space for things or you won’t have the flexibility to store appliances or add new features. Not so if you’ve been involved with the design process from the start.

The Perfect Fit

Regardless of how people imagine a modern kitchen, sometimes, especially if you have an older property, you can find yourself working with a slightly more awkward space. This can make trying to fit a standard kitchen design in a little more complicated. Luckily with a bespoke kitchen design, everything is built around your space so you can enjoy all the design features you want without having to worry about fitting them in awkwardly.

Before anything, your space will be fully measured so that every last nook and cranny of your space can be utilised to its full potential. Every aspect will be crafted to perfection for your new modern kitchen.

Value for you Money

Bespoke kitchens are pricier than other kitchens, but for a very good set of reasons. As we’ve mentioned, every aspect will be made to measure for you and the quality of each different piece will be very high. Another advantage of investing in a bespoke design is that since you’re choosing elements perfect for your lifestyle and they’ll be of very high quality, you’ll really be getting maximum value for your money.

Plus, if you also choose a proven timeless design like a rustic style or a shaker kitchen, you won’t have to worry about investing in a design update every few years.

Less Stress

Once your kitchen has been measured and you’ve chosen all the design elements you want, you can just sit back and relax when it comes to the installation process. Going bespoke means you will have a team of experts on hand throughout the entire process making sure that everything is getting planned and installed as smoothly as possible.

Strange Requests

We really can’t stress enough how a bespoke kitchen takes into consideration your individual wants and needs. Over the years at Roman Kitchens, we’ve had a variety of usual requests – largely for people’s pets. From incorporating best friend beds, to doggy food centres and bespoke food housing units! If you have a weird request, don’t hesitate to ask us about incorporating it. Trust us, we’ve heard weirder.  A bespoke kitchen is supposed to properly reflect your lifestyle after all.


Thinking about investing in a bespoke kitchen? Whatever kind of style you’re interested in, we can help you find everything you’re looking for, right down to the last floor tiles. Have a look at our designs page if you need inspiration or have a read through the rest of our blog for more helpful insights on style, colour and useful tricks to make your kitchen the most dazzling room in your home. Our customer’s reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.

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