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A Cosy Christmas Kitchen Design

Hear that sound? That distant rumble of sleigh bells and the coca-cola truck? Yep. Christmas is definitely just around the corner!

With highstreets glistening with fairy lights and the sweet scent of wintery coffee blends wafting from every café, festive fever is pretty hard to ignore at the moment. When it comes to decorating, some people like to go all out, while some prefer more reserved styles. Though one room that is often neglected during all the festivities (at least until you’re putting the turkey in) is the kitchen.

While it’s obviously not the room where you’re going to put the Christmas tree or the stockings, there are still a number of ways that you can inject a little festive fancy into your kitchen design!

Ready for some Christmas kitchen decorating? ‘Tis the season after all!

Small Touches

Since the kitchen can be a pretty busy room, large decorations aren’t the most practical suggestion. Luckily, there are plenty of little touches you can add to infuse some Christmas into your space. One of the simplest things you can do is fill a bowl with baubles and place them on a window sill. If you still have decorations to spare after doing your tree, you can always hang them from cupboards or door handles! Just make sure that they’re out of reach of small wandering hands or pets as smashed baubles can be dangerously sharp and annoying to clean up.

You also can’t go wring with fun festive window displays! Whether it’s hanging ribbons, adding festive stained-glass stickers or putting up fairy lights, it’ll really make your kitchen pop! With all the natural light coming through during the day or against the backdrop of a pretty winter’s night, decorations placed here will have a distinctly different feel than those on your tree or around other parts of your home.

Splashes of Colour

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to tell you to completely recolour your design for the sake of creating Christmas kitchen. Like with our previous point, a few touches are all you need for a Christmas kitchen. Red and green are the colours of the season, so why not try a few coloured accessories? From switching to a red step or kettle to showcasing green crockery or a table cloth, there’s plenty you can do to add a little festive colour to your design.

Make sure to use your existing colour scheme to your advantage. If you have a neutral background, then almost any kind of colour can work as an accent. If you’re kitchen is already fairly colourful then be careful with the decorations you pick. You don’t want it looking too gaudy, so choose make sure to see which hues compliment your space before you commit.

Have fun with lights

If there’s one thing you see a lot of at Christmas, it’s candles.

Proper lighting is very important for the festive season, especially if you’re trying to set the right mood. Candlelight can be the perfect way to add a soft festive glow to a Christmas kitchen, and there are plenty of ways to take advantage.

Tea lights are extremely cheap and can be bought in bulk, making them the perfect way to bring some easy warmth into your kitchen. Placed in a Christmassy holder or just dotted around when the lights are down low can drastically change the mood of your kitchen design. If you’re a fan of larger candles or more decorative light accessories then you could also add a few lanterns around the sides of your room. Besides bringing a distinctly Dickensian vibe to your space, they can be paired with a number of other items to make a fun display. Fruits, festive plants or lantern fillers all make great additions so feel free to get as creative as you like!

Remember, always make sure to extinguish all candles before you go to bed. No one wants to be calling the fire brigade on Christmas morning after all!

Seasons Eatings

Already dreading your new year’s diet? Well you might as well enjoy all the festive treats while you can!

If you’re going to be hosting Christmas lunch, then you better make sure that your kitchen is prepared. Plenty of people enjoy a drink around this time of year and a drinks trolley are a great way of showcasing your selection of beverages. A mobile trolly is the best for this as you can easily transport it around the party and wheel it away once everything has wound down.

Fridge space is often scarce around this time of year, so we’re often forced to put drinks in the ‘back up fridge.’ i.e outside the backdoor. There is a less archiac way. Try a small portable drinks cooler or a wine fridge to keep your drinks the perfect temperature. After all, no one wants a warm glass of bubbly!

If you’re the unfortunate soul tasked with preparing Christmas lunch, then finding ways to cook all that food and keep it all warm can be difficult. Don’t worry. We have some tips to keep it a stress-free experience.

– Cook your meat FIRST. If you need oven space for anything else, a turkey can keep its heat if wrapped in tin foil.

– Cook as many side dishes as you can on the hob

– If your turkey is too big for the oven, you can always cut off the legs and braise them instead. If it still doesn’t fit, remove the breasts and roast with the wings instead.


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