Maximising Space In A Small Kitchen

Think that having a small kitchen means you can’t have a great style? Think again!

With almost ninety per cent of the UK now living in urban areas, more and more people are having to compromise on space for the excitement of city life. Smaller kitchens can often end up feeling cramped and cluttered. While we can’t magically make more space appear in your kitchen, there are still plenty of kitchen design tips and decorating ideas that you can use to really make the most of every inch!

So, if you’re hitting a wall trying style your small kitchen, make sure to keep reading!

Keep it organised

pots hanging in the kitchen above the sink

A simple but an effective tip, especially if you’re in need of extra storage.

As we’ve said multiple times on this blog, a one of the most common reasons that kitchens can feel small is clutter. Even if you have a large kitchen, messy worktops and poor storage is going to make it feel a lot more cramped, so organisation is crucial. Luckily, there are plenty of clever storage solutions that you can utilise, even if you’re short on space.

Simple items like drawer dividers, cutlery drawers or pull-out larders are great for keeping clutter hidden away as well as keeping your utensils nicely separated. When it comes to larger items, why not take advantage of your wall space? Put a few hooks by your stove and your pots and pans will always be to hand and not taking up all your cupboard space. For your bulkier items, a lemans in your cupboard can do wonders. Not only can it fit multiple large items, but they’ll be much easier to grab and you won’t risk causing an avalanche of crockery if you want to get something from the back.

Smaller appliances

small appliances in modern kitchen

This might seem like an obvious point, but if you’re working with a small kitchen, then make sure everything in it is to scale.

If you can’t start your day without a dose of caffeine, there are plenty of smaller coffee machine that can fit nicely into littler kitchens. Some can even be built in, so you can enjoy a variety of hot beverages without sacrificing crucial counter space.

If there’s one thing most Brits can’t live without, it’s tea, but did you know you don’t even have to have a kettle to enjoy your cuppa? Save space by getting rid of your plug-in kettle and investing in kettle tap instead! We almost guarantee that this will be one of the most used items out of your kitchen equipment kit. You can have instant boiled water whenever you need it, so it is great for cooking as well. Not only are kettles taps far more energy-efficient, but the water is also instantly hot/boiled and ready to use all the time so you can have your hot drinks even quicker than usual!

Multifunctional appliances are a must for small kitchens as well. If you can find tools that do the job of several appliances then just think about all the space you’ll be saving. For example, a food processor can do so many jobs in the kitchen without taking up too much space. For a relatively small appliance, it can slice, dice, blend, mix and more. Plus, they are usually compact enough to fit away comfortably in a drawer so perfect for cosier kitchens.

Be careful with colour

good colour design in kitchen

Colour can play a huge part in how small your space appears, so being careful with your shade choice is crucial. We’ve already talked countless times on this blog about the importance of colour in your kitchen design it’s even more important when it comes to opening up a tiny kitchen!

One simple way to create an illusion of more space is with dynamic colour pairings. Choosing this style will not only bring more character to your space but can is great at creating an illusion of more space. A black and white colour scheme can help give your design a sleeker look as well with the light shade making the ceiling seem higher and a darker shade giving the room more depth.

If you’re looking to really brighten up your space, then you can’t go wrong with a bright, modern, farmhouse style kitchen. To capture this look, pair light tiles with copper accents and add as many wooden accents as you can. You’ll also need to make sure you’re kitchen lighting is up to scratch, as a dim space can create the illusion of more shadows. Bright pendant lights or a strip of LEDs under your kitchen cabinets can do wonders for your brightness.

Fitted Spaces

well fitted space in kitchen

There’s never somewhere that you can’t use as storage space, especially with small kitchen layouts! If you need somewhere to put an extra drawer, why not under the sink? While most people use that space to hide a mountain of plastic bags and all their cleaning supplies, this space can fit a drawer or rack which can be a great decluttering solution.

You can even attach some hooks or racks to your cabinet doors to work as a small pantry. If you take a good look around, you’ll find all kinds of spaces you can use to hang/store things!

Inspired to redesign your small kitchen? Or maybe you just want to try some new design ideas in 2019? Whatever kind of style you’re interested in, we can help you find everything you’re looking for. Have a look at our designs page for inspiration or have a read through the rest of our blog!  We’re here with helpful insights on style, colour and useful tricks to make your kitchen the most dazzling room in your home. Our customers’ reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.

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