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Five Great Bread Recipes to Try

Bread. It’s something most of us eat almost every day. Whether it’s some hot buttery toast in the morning, that well-deserved sandwich throughout the day, or just a slice or two to mop up the remnants of your Sunday roast’s gravy, bread is a food that many of us just couldn’t live without. Bread is one of those recipes that...

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Shaker Kitchen Styles

If there’s one style that we’re a huge fan of here at Roman Kitchens, it’s the Shaker style. You’ve probably heard the term ‘shaker kitchen’ being thrown around if you’ve been browsing kitchen styles and for good reason. This classic, rustic style has been around for decades, and there’s a reason it’s not going away anytime soon. Taken from the...

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Styling a Grey Kitchen

When thinking about colour choice for your kitchen design, there’s a whole rainbow of shades to explore. From soft blues, to shimmering whites or even a mix of your favourite colours it can be tough to choose the best colour scheme for your space. While we could talk about all the different colours you could choose for your kitchen design,...

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Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for Summer

We all want to stay tidy, especially in the kitchen. While kitchen cleaning is no one’s favourite thing to do, you can’t deny the satisfaction that comes from looking at a sparklingly clean room.  Plus, once it's clean, you can't deny how much you want to keep it that way.. While it’s technically called spring cleaning, summer can be a...

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Advantages of a Bespoke Kitchen Design

A kitchen is really the heart of any home. Whether it’s grabbing that well-needed cup of tea to get you started during the day, making meals with friends or loved ones or hiding out during a party you don’t want to be at, you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at those four walls for as long...

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Summer Recipes to Make in your Essex Kitchen

As we reach the halfway point of the year, we can assume that the hotter weather is here to stay… for a few more weeks at least. As summer spreads its warm rays across the country, there’s nothing better during this weather then enjoying some seasonal foods. Summer brings with it a number of ripening foods and plenty of great...

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Kitchen Island Tips

When you think about classic kitchen features a few things will probably spring to mind: sleek cabinets, practical appliances and, of course, a sturdy kitchen island. Kitchen islands are one of the most popular features amongst people renovating their kitchens and for good reason. Not only can they look effortlessly elegant in as part of your kitchen design but also...

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Styling a White Kitchen

Kitchens can come in any colour under the sun and we’ve covered basically all of them on this blog as you can see here, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to go into a lot of detail. Luckily, we have this fresh new blog post to write to our heart’s content about all the different ways to style a...

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Things are Heating up in the Kitchen

We’ve been lucky enough to have some of the nicest weather of the year last month. Gone are the bitter winter winds and the constant cover of dark clouds hanging over the country like a pile of damp towels. Instead we’ve been able to enjoy some clear sunny days that are so very few and far between in the UK....

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The Proper Way to Store Your Alcohol

Many of us are partial to a drink now and then: a beer with friends, a nice glass of wine with dinner, or even a random concoction of spirits you mixed together at the last house party you hosted. While most of us are responsible with what we drink and how much we are consuming, its equally important to make...

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More Spring Kitchen Trends

Spring has definitely sprung around the UK after what felt like a good seven months of winter. The days are longer, blossom is erupting on the trees and people are debating every morning about weather they need to take a jacket when they leave the house. Spring is a time of soft colours, bright air and fresh starts, so why...

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The Many Styles of your Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles. It’s the one material that almost everyone will have in their kitchen design somewhere and for good reason. Tiles are such a versatile material that can fit just about anywhere in your design and are never limited by colour, pattern or style. From wood effect, to stone effect, to ceramic and granite, there’s almost no space tiles can’t...

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Kitchen Flooring Trends for 2018

Your kitchen floor. It’s an aspect of your overall kitchen design you probably spend the least amount of time thinking about, yet it’s an element that can really make or break the feel of your space. Plus it’s something you’ve probably gotten up close and personal with multiple times when dropping food, or clearing up the sixteenth inevitable spill of...

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Have Fun with Metallic Styles

Who doesn’t like shiny things? Well lucky for those that do, metallic styles are already one of the year’s biggest kitchen design trends, so you can indulge your love for these striking finishes in your own space. Metallics can be infused in almost every aspect of your kitchen, but the trick this (and any) kind of design is balance. While...

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Small Kitchen? No Problem!

When you hear the phrase, ‘it’s not the size, it’s how you use it,” chances are the first thing that pops into your head isn’t your kitchen. Many of us aren’t blessed with a lot of space in our homes, so when it comes to decorating, finding ways to take advantage of limited space and still have a stylish and...

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Food storage- Facts and Myths

    It happens almost every day: you’re cooking pasta for yourself and end up making enough to feed your entire extended family and your dog, so it gets dumped into some Tupperware and shoved into the fridge for later. But how much later can you wait before it’s not good anymore? Many of us are confused about how long...

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Kitchen Styles for 2018

Each year brings us more strange news from all over the world, more celebrity babies and of course, more break out kitchen designs. 2017 was a great year for introducing new kitchen ideas as well as solidifying old and classic styles. If you’re curious about that, luckily for you we have a pretty swell blog post about last year’s best...

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Spring Kitchen Designs

While the wind might be chilly and frost still jewels the grass in the early mornings, winter’s icy grasp is loosening over our land. The days are finally getting longer, warmer and soon spring will (hopefully) blossom with  sunnier days and warmer breezes. With a more colourful part of the year just around the corner, why not take this time...

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Styling an Open Plan Kitchen

We talk a lot on blog about maximising space in your kitchen, yet not much about the style that takes advantage of space the most: the open plan kitchen. These kitchen styles are perfect for those looking to make their kitchen more than just the space where meals are prepared, rather an area that can really be lived in, perfect...

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Tips For a Healthier New Year

So… How’s the New Year’s diet going? Over the Christmas period so many of us stuff ourselves silly with anything and everything we can find always coming back to the justification, ‘I’ll definitely try some healthy recipes better in the New Year…’ And then January 1st rolls around to the horror and rumbling stomachs of many. While trying to be...

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To Roman Kitchens,

Honestly, we can’t say a bad word about roman kitchens. They’re professional, courteous and have innovative and modern ideas.

They are very reasonably priced,
they have it all – quality value service!

Mr & Mrs Priest

We are so happy that we put our trust in Joanne and Roman Kitchens. We felt that we were in safe and creative hands right from when we first set foot in the shop. We wanted to knock through the wall between the kitchen and garage and our first idea was to keep the kitchen in the same room. Joanne listened to our ideas and our wish list but then suggested that we move the kitchen into the garage area. It was one of those light bulb moments and we have never looked back. Thank you so much for helping us realise our dream kitchen!

Andrea Mason

From my initial telephone enquiry to after-sales care, the service I have received from Roman Kitchens is second to none.
The team came up with fantastic ideas and Joanne and Jo really understand the practicalities needed in a working kitchen. The whole process from design to installation was smooth, efficient and within budget.
Thoroughly recommend this wonderful independant company to anyone who needs kitchen inspiration ⭐️

Becky Travers

How best to describe Roman Kitchens, quality, value and service, this company has all 3 of these. They are absolutely one of the best kitchen companies in essex & we have had the best experience & kitchen to prove it.

Lee Priest-Pearlman

Roman Kitchens put in my kitchen almost 9 years ago and I have had no problems whatsoever. We still love it! I also have the peace of mind if I need to update it or change anything one of their team will be there in an instant. After job service is just as important and I really value that. It shows the quality of their kitchens and the success of their business when measured against their longevity.

Debbie Dewhurst

From the moment you walk into Roman Kitchens you can tell it is a family run business, the service is personal, friendly & welcoming.

The team asked me what I required from my kitchen and then came up with some great ideas. Some options I would not have thought of myself but when mentioned knew would save me time, effort and look stylish. I had no problems with the installation and was very happy with the finished results.

I would definitely recommend this lovely family owned business.

Thank you very much.

Melanie Patterson

If you want a beautiful kitchen planed by a very talented designer and installed by an amazing team, I can definitely recommend Roman Kitchens. Joanne has always been so welcoming and full of great ideas. We absolutely love our new kitchen. Thank you all at Roman Kitchens.

Lindsay Davis

Shortly after moving to Rayleigh I went round to a friend’s house and she had a beautiful kitchen. It was from Roman Kitchens. I walked past the shop every day when I took my kids to school. It was 20 years later before we did some “minor” work to our house to have our dream family kitchen and Roman Kitchens was one of many companies that quoted for it.

The extension itself did not go according to plan by any means. And to say it was a stressful experience would be putting it mildly. I was studying for post grad exams and on top of that we had personal tragedy in the family which meant me travelling 600 miles every other week.

Joanne and the rest of the staff at Roman Kitchens could not have been more helpful, supportive and patient with me. She was one of a few contractors involved in our build that I trusted to do exactly what they said they would do. But she did more than that. I cannot tell you how much support and reassurance she gave me and how many times she got the samples out for me to decide wall colours, floorings etc. She was spot on with her advice and I trusted her judgement implicitly.

We have an amazing family space and a beautiful kitchen and I would most definitely recommend her and the company.

Gill Sharkey Hind