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Kitchen Styles for 2018

Each year brings us more strange news from all over the world, more celebrity babies and of course, more break out kitchen designs. 2017 was a great year for introducing new kitchen ideas as well as solidifying old and classic styles. If you’re curious about that, luckily for you we have a pretty swell blog post about last year’s best...

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Styling An Open Plan Kitchen

We talk a lot on blog about maximising space in your kitchen, yet not much about the style that takes advantage of space the most: the open plan kitchen. These kitchen styles are perfect for those looking to make their kitchen more than just the space where meals are prepared, rather an area that can really be lived in, perfect...

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Tips For a Healthier New Year

So… How’s the New Year’s diet going? Over the Christmas period so many of us stuff ourselves silly with anything and everything we can find always coming back to the justification, ‘I’ll definitely try some healthy recipes better in the New Year…’ And then January 1st rolls around to the horror and rumbling stomachs of many. While trying to be...

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A Colour Encyclopaedia For Your Kitchen Design

We’re well into the new year now and you might find yourself itching for a change. Whether it’s with your look, your routine, your diet (that we all know you’ll DEFINITELY be sticking to) or in your home, your kitchen could a great place to start. The first few months of the year are the prime time to spruce up...

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Styling a Light Kitchen

2017 is but a glint in the rear-view mirror of life and many of us are staring towards the bright horizon of this new year brimming with promise, ready to make it good one! Let’s start with your kitchen!  Speaking of bright futures, why not try a lighter kitchen design? Colour is a wonderful thing, but many of us prefer...

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Kitchen Trends of 2017

2017 was an …interesting year all over the world, but we’ve all made it through! And I think we’re all ready to enjoy 2018 with an open heart and a hopeful mind. Last year was a great one for kitchen trends with some wonderfully fetching designs getting popular, so let’s have a look at what made kitchens extra stylish last year...

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Ways to Create a Pet Friendly Kitchen

    Last post we were talking about many of the ways to keep your kitchen safe from the wandering hands of your little ones, but some of you have a different kind of little (or in some cases very big) ones wandering around as well. Yes, if you do have any furry friends jumping around it’s equally as important...

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Make your Kitchen Childproof

Kids. You love them, but the instant that little bundle of joy enters your life, suddenly you’re planning every aspect of your life around keeping them safe and your kitchen design is no exception. What was once just another room in the house is suddenly full of potential hazards. The last thing you want is anything even more unsafe in...

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Kitchen Gift ideas this Christmas!

It’s Christmas! Well, it’s nearly here. While it’s still not the 25th, as the days go on it’s going to turn into a mass panic of online ordering a mobbed shopping centres as we all search for that perfect gift. It’s best to start early, as we’ve all left our Christmas shopping to the last minute at least once before...

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Create a Kitchen Design with Character

  As we’ve mentioned countless times on this blog, throughout your life you’re going to be spending A LOT of time in the kitchen. Whether it’s making that first cup of coffee to wake you up on a cold Monday morning, hiding by the snacks at a party you didn’t want to be at, or having dinner with family and...

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Warming Winter Recipes

  It’s that time of year again. As we wrap up tightly and try to avoid that one guy in the office with the flu, it can be tough to keep a smile on our faces in the cold. However, if there’s one thing that can cheer anyone up, it’s good food, so winter makes the perfect time to test...

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Winter Kitchen Trends

Halloween has been and gone, and while for many it’s still too early to talk about Christmas, there’s one thing no one can deny. Winter has arrived. With the evenings now crisp and dark, frost soon to be the bane of every car owner in existence and the sounds of fireworks fading in the distance, there are a number of...

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Trick Or Treat? 5 Fun Halloween Recipes!

As the nights grow colder and the smell of pumpkin spice permeates the Essex air, something spooky is lurking just around the corner… Yes, Tuesday marks the ultimate day of fright, Halloween, and, much like any other holiday, it gives the perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen. Ready to discover some spooooky treats?     Frightfully Tasty Halloween...

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Rustic Kitchen Charms

Year after year our lives seem to be getting more hectic, with the harsh lights of our computer / phone screens almost permanently  on. With workloads getting heavier and heavier we often find ourselves yearning for respite. Perhaps a trip to the countryside? Luckily, nowadays there are ways to enjoy the charms of the countryside while living a busy inner-city...

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Kitchen Stats For Your Redesign

Having a redesign of your Essex kitchen can seem like a big and scary undertaking, especially when it comes to making all those decisions. While many know they want a new design, it can be daunting deciding where to begin, so we’ve gathered together a few kitchen design statistics from this year to help you see what’s popular and hopefully...

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Let There Be Light (A Brighter Kitchen Design)

The nights might be getting darker, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen design has to be! Last week we talked about all the benefits of darker kitchens, but for those of you who are partial to brighter colours, there are just as many ways to incorporate soft, light shades into your design as well. There’s a reason whites and creams...

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Come to the Dark Side- A Darker Kitchen Design

The kitchen can be the light of many people’s homes, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to brighter colours. As with all design choices, it’s ultimately your personal preference, and if you have a love for darker hues, there are a number of ways to incorporate bold, dark colours into your kitchen!   Cabinets and Countertops If you’re...

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Jump on the Copper Kitchen Trend

Kitchen trends come and go, but one design staple that has been around for years now (and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon) is a copper kitchen design. First used for decoration by the Romans, this soft, shimmering metal can be incorporated in so many different elements of your kitchen design and can make a wonderful accent to...

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Bespoke Kitchen Advantages

Of course we were going to talk about the advantages of a bespoke kitchen eventually, and while we might be biased, we really can’t emphasise enough all the benefits that having a custom design can bring to your Essex kitchen!   Quality   One thing you can be assured of with a bespoke kitchen design is quality. All our bespoke...

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Bakes for Bake Off

As you are no doubt painfully aware, the Great British Bake Off has returned, to the joy as well as the apprehension of many. But if there’s one thing that the last few episodes have shown it’s that, despite how annoying the ad breaks are, the move to Channel 4 hasn’t destroyed any of the baking magic we’ve come to...

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To Roman Kitchens,

Honestly, we can’t say a bad word about roman kitchens. They’re professional, courteous and have innovative and modern ideas.

They are very reasonably priced,
they have it all – quality value service!

Mr & Mrs Priest

We are so happy that we put our trust in Joanne and Roman Kitchens. We felt that we were in safe and creative hands right from when we first set foot in the shop. We wanted to knock through the wall between the kitchen and garage and our first idea was to keep the kitchen in the same room. Joanne listened to our ideas and our wish list but then suggested that we move the kitchen into the garage area. It was one of those light bulb moments and we have never looked back. Thank you so much for helping us realise our dream kitchen!

Andrea Mason

From my initial telephone enquiry to after-sales care, the service I have received from Roman Kitchens is second to none.
The team came up with fantastic ideas and Joanne and Jo really understand the practicalities needed in a working kitchen. The whole process from design to installation was smooth, efficient and within budget.
Thoroughly recommend this wonderful independant company to anyone who needs kitchen inspiration ⭐️

Becky Travers

How best to describe Roman Kitchens, quality, value and service, this company has all 3 of these. They are absolutely one of the best kitchen companies in essex & we have had the best experience & kitchen to prove it.

Lee Priest-Pearlman

Roman Kitchens put in my kitchen almost 9 years ago and I have had no problems whatsoever. We still love it! I also have the peace of mind if I need to update it or change anything one of their team will be there in an instant. After job service is just as important and I really value that. It shows the quality of their kitchens and the success of their business when measured against their longevity.

Debbie Dewhurst

From the moment you walk into Roman Kitchens you can tell it is a family run business, the service is personal, friendly & welcoming.

The team asked me what I required from my kitchen and then came up with some great ideas. Some options I would not have thought of myself but when mentioned knew would save me time, effort and look stylish. I had no problems with the installation and was very happy with the finished results.

I would definitely recommend this lovely family owned business.

Thank you very much.

Melanie Patterson

If you want a beautiful kitchen planed by a very talented designer and installed by an amazing team, I can definitely recommend Roman Kitchens. Joanne has always been so welcoming and full of great ideas. We absolutely love our new kitchen. Thank you all at Roman Kitchens.

Lindsay Davis

Shortly after moving to Rayleigh I went round to a friend’s house and she had a beautiful kitchen. It was from Roman Kitchens. I walked past the shop every day when I took my kids to school. It was 20 years later before we did some “minor” work to our house to have our dream family kitchen and Roman Kitchens was one of many companies that quoted for it.

The extension itself did not go according to plan by any means. And to say it was a stressful experience would be putting it mildly. I was studying for post grad exams and on top of that we had personal tragedy in the family which meant me travelling 600 miles every other week.

Joanne and the rest of the staff at Roman Kitchens could not have been more helpful, supportive and patient with me. She was one of a few contractors involved in our build that I trusted to do exactly what they said they would do. But she did more than that. I cannot tell you how much support and reassurance she gave me and how many times she got the samples out for me to decide wall colours, floorings etc. She was spot on with her advice and I trusted her judgement implicitly.

We have an amazing family space and a beautiful kitchen and I would most definitely recommend her and the company.

Gill Sharkey Hind