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Finding Your Perfect Kitchen Style

When redesigning, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what kind of kitchen style you think not only will suit your space the best as well as being a true representation of your own personality. It’s important to choose what direction you’re going in before you can even start thinking about colour choice or the types of unit you want!...

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Kitchen Gadget Needs

Living in an era of 3D printed prosthetic limbs, smart toilets and bladeless fans, you really can’t deny that we’re living in the future. Over the past few decades technology has soared, not only bringing us closer together as a species, but making our lives a heck of a lot more convenient! Of course the kitchen is included in this......

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Caffeinated Kitchen Design Essentials

Whether you like to start your morning with a quick espresso shot, down ten cups of tea per day, or are partial to a late-night latte, many of us find ourselves indulging in some kind of hot beverage on a daily basis. With taking tea being such a national pastime in this country and many of us unable to function...

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Why Choose a Bespoke Kitchen?

As we’ve mentioned numerous time on this blog, the kitchen really is the heart of our home thanks to the amount of time we all spend in there. Whether it’s hosting a party, warming that fifth cup of coffee in the middle of the night to get through assignments, or just making a favourite meal to share with friends and family,...

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Shaker Kitchen: Shake up your style

If you’ve been browsing kitchen styles then you’ve probably come across the term Shaker Kitchen, and for good reason! This style takes its name from the eighteenth century religious group and is well renowned for the simplicity and versatility of its furniture. The main goal of a Shaker kitchen is that every feature should serve a purpose and thanks to...

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Five Kitchen Design Tips to Banish the Blues

Even though we’re in the height of summer, we can still find ourselves feeling a little down in the dumps from time to time because, hey… we’re only human. When selecting a kitchen design, it’s important to remember that the style chosen can greatly impact the overall mood of a room and since it’s a space many of us are going...

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The Right Light for your Essex Kitchen

There’s a reason photographers are obsessed with lighting when taking pictures. Of course, having enough light in your kitchen design is crucial (how else will anyone see all the amazing design choices you made), but the way that it’s used can seriously change the look of your Essex Kitchen. Besides the fact that brighter spots can highlight certain aspects of...

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Adding Greenery to your Essex Kitchen Design

With fair weather still (sometimes) rolling through our country, it’s time to let the summery vibes reflect in your kitchen design as well. With gardens blooming all over the country, have you thought about adding some plants of your own to your kitchen? There are a number of simple ways you can add some greenery to your space and really...

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Making the Perfect Family Kitchen Design

Nothing is quite so synonymous with the word home than the word family. We know that family life is always full of surprises, so your kitchen has to be able to stand up to everything that can be thrown at it. From packing lunches, to making Christmas dinner, to grabbing that tenth cup of coffee, your kitchen sees a lot...

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Must have Kitchen Accessories

Home is where the heart is, so how do you reflect what’s in your heart in the centre of any household, the kitchen? One way is through your choice of finishing accessories. Once it's fitted, it’s your choice of kitchen accessories that makes the space uniquely yours and not just something that looks like the hundreds of others straight out...

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The Top Picks for a Kitchen Worktop

Worktops. While the word might not sound interesting, they are a key component when it comes to designing your kitchen. A worktop is going to see the brunt of mess from cooking as well as the general wear and tear of everyday life, so you want to choose a material that not only will gel with the rest of your...

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Rotpunkt Kitchens. Why Do I Need One?

The kitchen is arguably the centre of any home; it’s where many of us eat, socialise and go to make that seventh cup of coffee if the day has been particularly stressful. If you’re looking to upgrade then you obviously want a design that is versatile enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, yet elegant enough to...

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The Power Of Colour In Your Kitchen Design

When thinking about a new kitchen design, you should never underestimate the power of colour. Your choice of hue is a powerful tool that can be used to subtly shift moods when spending time in any room in the house. Kitchens are rooms we can find ourselves going in and out of a lot, so picking the right kitchen design...

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Optimising Space in your Modern Kitchen

You might think that having a smaller kitchen means you can’t have quality, but this is simply not the case! Some of the best things come in small packages and kitchens are no exception. No matter what size you’re working with, our Essex Kitchen company can find pieces to make any space feel much roomier with a number of modern...

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Adding a Twist to Your Modern Kitchen Design

Adding a Twist to Your Modern Kitchen Design

So, you’re looking to update your kitchen with some of the very latest ideas and trends in Essex. Great! But when it comes to sorting through the thousands of different options for your new modern kitchen do you even know where to begin? Which areas of design should you focus on to really give your space a more contemporary feel?...

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5 Recipes to Make the Most of your Essex Kitchen this Summer

Winter is often hailed as the king season of flavoursome cooking, but at Roman Kitchens, we believe that’s simply just not the case. The summer months are a fantastic opportunity to push the culinary boundaries in your kitchen. Now is the time to try your hand at summery classics and to perfect personalised twists of family favourite recipes. This list...

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10 Excellent Fitted Kitchen Storage Ideas

10 Excellent Fitted Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage: the organisation killer; the clear worktop murderer; the rarest breed of kitchen cabinet. While we want our kitchens to look good, ultimately, they are utilitarian spaces, and as a result they require more tools, appliances and produce than any other room in a home; which can often lead to a cluttered and dishevelled space. At Roman Kitchens, we don’t...

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5 Ways to Make the Most of your Kitchen this Spring!

The nights are finally drawing out, the dark gloom of winter has been shaken off – and we’re making way for a bright and sunny spring. As the nucleus of every home, your kitchen should help you make the most of this fresh and exciting time. So, to help, we’ve put together our 5 tops tips to catapult your kitchen...

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5 Small Essential Electric Kitchen Appliances!

I know what you’re thinking, is a kitchen appliance ever really small – let alone five of them? Since all kitchens come in different shapes and sizes, and fitting five extra appliances can be a challenge for some spaces, let’s say these are the ‘must-have’ five kitchen appliances. Whether you’re looking to declutter your kitchen to achieve the fashionable sleek...

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Essex Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

In a study conducted by kitchen appliance manufacturer Britannia Living, 52% of people believe their kitchen has the most financial value – I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that the kitchen operates as the heart of the home.  Now that it’s March, and we’re officially staring the end of the first quarter in the face, we’ve collected enough...

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To Roman Kitchens,

Honestly, we can’t say a bad word about roman kitchens. They’re professional, courteous and have innovative and modern ideas.

They are very reasonably priced,
they have it all – quality value service!

Mr & Mrs Priest

We are so happy that we put our trust in Joanne and Roman Kitchens. We felt that we were in safe and creative hands right from when we first set foot in the shop. We wanted to knock through the wall between the kitchen and garage and our first idea was to keep the kitchen in the same room. Joanne listened to our ideas and our wish list but then suggested that we move the kitchen into the garage area. It was one of those light bulb moments and we have never looked back. Thank you so much for helping us realise our dream kitchen!

Andrea Mason

From my initial telephone enquiry to after-sales care, the service I have received from Roman Kitchens is second to none.
The team came up with fantastic ideas and Joanne and Jo really understand the practicalities needed in a working kitchen. The whole process from design to installation was smooth, efficient and within budget.
Thoroughly recommend this wonderful independant company to anyone who needs kitchen inspiration ⭐️

Becky Travers

How best to describe Roman Kitchens, quality, value and service, this company has all 3 of these. They are absolutely one of the best kitchen companies in essex & we have had the best experience & kitchen to prove it.

Lee Priest-Pearlman

Roman Kitchens put in my kitchen almost 9 years ago and I have had no problems whatsoever. We still love it! I also have the peace of mind if I need to update it or change anything one of their team will be there in an instant. After job service is just as important and I really value that. It shows the quality of their kitchens and the success of their business when measured against their longevity.

Debbie Dewhurst

From the moment you walk into Roman Kitchens you can tell it is a family run business, the service is personal, friendly & welcoming.

The team asked me what I required from my kitchen and then came up with some great ideas. Some options I would not have thought of myself but when mentioned knew would save me time, effort and look stylish. I had no problems with the installation and was very happy with the finished results.

I would definitely recommend this lovely family owned business.

Thank you very much.

Melanie Patterson

If you want a beautiful kitchen planed by a very talented designer and installed by an amazing team, I can definitely recommend Roman Kitchens. Joanne has always been so welcoming and full of great ideas. We absolutely love our new kitchen. Thank you all at Roman Kitchens.

Lindsay Davis

Shortly after moving to Rayleigh I went round to a friend’s house and she had a beautiful kitchen. It was from Roman Kitchens. I walked past the shop every day when I took my kids to school. It was 20 years later before we did some “minor” work to our house to have our dream family kitchen and Roman Kitchens was one of many companies that quoted for it.

The extension itself did not go according to plan by any means. And to say it was a stressful experience would be putting it mildly. I was studying for post grad exams and on top of that we had personal tragedy in the family which meant me travelling 600 miles every other week.

Joanne and the rest of the staff at Roman Kitchens could not have been more helpful, supportive and patient with me. She was one of a few contractors involved in our build that I trusted to do exactly what they said they would do. But she did more than that. I cannot tell you how much support and reassurance she gave me and how many times she got the samples out for me to decide wall colours, floorings etc. She was spot on with her advice and I trusted her judgement implicitly.

We have an amazing family space and a beautiful kitchen and I would most definitely recommend her and the company.

Gill Sharkey Hind