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The Best Ways To Style A Blue Kitchen

If there’s one colour that never goes out of style for a classic kitchen design, it’s blue. Not only has it been used in kitchens for decades, it’s fast becoming 2018’s most popular kitchen shade! From soft pastels, to duck egg, to deep navy, almost any shade of blue can work in your space!

Where can it work?

Your walls? Yep

Your cabinets? Yep

Your floor? Yep

Your appliances? Do we even need to tell you?

So, if you’re intrigued about how this great colour could look in your kitchen, make sure not to click off this blog!



A fan of darker kitchen designs? Then navy could be the perfect shade for your kitchen design.

A dark blue kitchen can bring has a real sophisticated chic, plus with darker colours, stains aren’t something you have to worry about as much! (Always a plus if you have children… or pets… or live with anyone not as tidy as you.)

While it’s a great colour, you obviously don’t want every aspect of your kitchen covered in the shade unless you want your room to look like a can of navy paint just exploded over everything. Luckily, it pairs well with a number of colours. For a more muted look, offset navy with a neutral colour like taupe. It’s a simple, classic combo that provides a nice contrast. It also works well with metallic shades like steel or copper, so incorporating those metals in your appliances or sinks is a great way create a timeless look. The trick is not to go overboard. As with any kitchen design, if you incorporate too many colours it’s going to end up looking like a mess, so make sure to stick with tow or three different colours in your palette.

With navy being a naturally cool tone, dark blue kitchens do run the risk of looking a little cold. Luckily, you counteract this by bringing some natural warmth with wood to soften the design. Whether it’s a wooden floor, a worktop or a few wooden accessories, it’s a great way to make your kitchen design cosier and perfect if you’re looking for a more rustic vibe.

If you’re interested in a darker kitchen, make sure to check out our other blog all about it!

Pastel Blue Kitchen

If you’re looking for a softer kitchen design, then you can’t go wrong incorporating pastel blue into your design.

Pastels offer a fun alternative to white or beige when it comes to picking a lighter shade for your kitchen. Lighter colours a great way to open up a space and give the illusion of it being brighter if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. While darker shades can look wonderful, if you’re working with a smaller space they can make the design feel cramped and shaded. When paired with the right lighting, a pastel blue kitchen design can bring a real airiness to your space as is perfect if you’re looking to inject a little optimism into your kitchen.

Pastel blue pairs well with other pastel shades so don’t be afraid to add a few soft pink or yellow accessories around your kitchen. Or, if you’d prefer the other end of the colour spectrum, grey also works well in a pastel blue kitchen as an accent. Mixed with a marble worktop and a fun geometric floor and you’ve got yourself a pastel blue kitchen that’s a far cry form the boring pastels you may have associated with your grandma’s house!

Industrial Style

If you’re looking to mix old and modern styles, then an industrial blue kitchen might be for you!

An industrial kitchen intentionally has rougher textures and more distressed finished to create a more “lived in” vibe which is perfect for a more urban look. Dark blue walls work well in this design as they pair well with the more bare-bones style of an industrial kitchen.

The best way to capture an industrial feeling is to use a mixture of brick, wood and metal in your design. Wooden floors or window frames can bring a warmth to the design while metal chairs and fixtures bring a modern elegance. For a truly industrial vibe, exposed brickwork is the way to go, which properly captures the minimalism of the design.

This design also works best with monochrome shades, so make sure to match a midnight blue with neutral shades like black, white or grey to really make the colours pop.

Industrial designs are built to last, so if you invest in this design, you won’t be replacing any parts for a long time!

Inspired to have a bit of a redesign and embrace a truly blue kitchen? Have a look at our designs page if you need inspiration, or have a read through the rest of our blog for more helpful insights on style, colour and useful tricks to make your kitchen the most dazzling room in your home. Our customers reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.

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