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Creating An Industrial Kitchen Design

Looking for a fresh look in your kitchen? If you’re on this blog, we’re assuming so!

We’ve covered a number of different kitchen styles on this blog. From the simplicity of a shaker kitchen, to the softness of a pastel design, to the different seasonal trends, there are almost countless different ways to style your space. We’d be here all day if we tried to cover them all in a single blog post, so for now we’re going to delve into one of our current favourites: the industrial kitchen style.

While some believe that industrial styles are cold and unfriendly, when properly laid out this couldn’t be further from the truth.  With its signature open design, warm elements and handy features, an industrial kitchen can be one of the most welcoming spaces in your home!

Let’s see how you can capture this design for yourself!

Open Space

One of the main features of an industrial kitchen is how open it is. As with any industrial area, an industrial kitchen needs to be tidy and spacious, or at least have an illusion of being like that. To start, make sure you’ve properly decluttered your space. Move any bulky items that may have gathered around your worktops and avoid any other design choices that might make your space feel smaller i.e: opting for units that aren’t built in if your space is small or using big appliances. If you aren’t blessed with a lot of room in your kitchen, check out our other blog on how to maximise space.

While we constantly rave about how amazing kitchen islands are, if you’re working with a small space and want to capture an industrial vibe, it might not be the best choice. Fear not. Even without an island, there are plenty of features in an industrial kitchen to help make it the smoothest running room in your home!

Material and Colour Choice

Now that we’ve got your space all sorted, let’s move onto the materials you can use to capture an industrial vibe in your kitchen design.

If you’re looking to get a complete industrial design, then you’re going to need to strip down… your kitchen that is. Exposed brick walls and pipework are perfect for creating a real ‘bare-bones’ style so see what else you could expose in your design. From metal beams hiding in your ceiling to other wood and bricks you can uncover, see what you can unearth behind your walls! (With the help of a designer obviously, we aren’t suggesting going at your kitchen with a hammer to see what’s behind all the fixtures.)

When it comes to material choice, you can’t go wrong with wood and metal in industrial design. Luckily, these materials can fit well in almost every aspect of your design. The most common metal choices for kitchens is either stainless steel or copper and both can look great when used for you fixtures. Whether it’s the strength and shine of a stainless steel sink, or the soft sheen of copper taps, cupboard handles or lampshades, there is a whole world of metal accessories to explore. Just make sure you stick to one to offset the colours in your design as too many competing elements is going to make your design look messy.

While metal looks very chic, it can bring a certain coldness to yours pace if you aren’t careful. This is where the wood comes in.  Incorporating wood in your floor, accessories or even worktop is a simple way to bring a real natural warmth to your space as well as helping create that industrial kitchen style we’re striving for.

With all that metal and wood in your design, you’re going to want to choose colours that compliment them. Simple colour palettes work best, as well as neutral tones like black, grey or navy.

Like with any kitchen style, talk to your designers or experiment with different materials in different areas to find the right balance. It’s ultimately your choice after all, so don’t stop until you’ve found the right industrial style for your kitchen.

Simple Designs

If there’s one word to describe an industrial design, besides timeless, it’s simple. Most industrial kitchens are characterised by a simple, yet rugged design that helps set them apart from other styles.

When it comes to storage options, you want something straightforward yet efficient, so open shelving is the way to go. Not only does it fit in with a sleek industrial look, but it also means your utensils are always easily-grabbable. You can put all your cupboard essentials like cereal, rice and sugar in jars and store them on the shelves as well for easy access. Plus, then it’ll be easy to spot when you’re running low.

Industrial designs are also known for their functionality, so for a finishing touch why not add a few fun features to your design. Pull out or ‘spring neck’ taps are especially popular right now as they help tackle difficult cleaning jobs and are handy for rinsing fruit and veg. You could also add a proper waste disposal unit under your sink which makes getting rid of unwanted food much easier as it’s ground up and rinsed away so won’t leave you with a smelly bin.


Thinking about embracing an industrial design in your kitchen? You can always have a look at our designs page if you need more inspiration, or have a read through the rest of our blog for more interesting posts on food, kitchen tech and style! Our customers reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.

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