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Five Great Bread Recipes To Try

Bread. It’s something most of us eat almost every day. Whether it’s some hot buttery toast in the morning, that well-deserved sandwich throughout the day, or just a slice or two to mop up the remnants of your Sunday roast’s gravy, bread is a food that many of us just couldn’t live without.

Bread is one of those recipes that has a completely unfounded reputation of being difficult to make, yet it’s actually one of the simplest and most cost-effective bakes you can do, and we’re here today to highlight some of our very favourite bread recipes.

So grab a drink, get a sandwich and check out why we believe everyone should try making their own bread at least once in their life.


While you can make bread recipes with he most basic of tools (i.e a bowl and your hands) there are a few things you can invest into speed up the process and make it even easier.

A bread maker seems to be something we’ve all owned at some point but haven’t used very often. If you don’t have the capability or time to knead or prove dough, a bread maker will do all that for you. It’s a happy medium between making a loaf by hand and just buying one from the shop, plus your kitchen will still be rich with the universally loved smell of freshly baked bread. Many can also make more than just bread, able to make pasta, other doughs and even jam! They are very much worth the investment.

As for other tools, there are many things that can help prepare the dough like a sharp dough cutter, a scraper or a proper proofing basket/bowl. As for baking, there are a number of great tins to help give bread shape in the oven as well as items like baking stones which retain heat much better than baking trays and better mimic a proper bread oven.

However, if you can’t afford/don’t want to get any of these items, don’t worry. The very nature of bread is that it’s simple and you don’t need any gadgets to still make a great loaf.

Basic Bread Recipe

Most bread recipes follow the same basic steps. The reason bread is such an ancient recipe that has basically remained unchanged is simply because it’s just that… simple. While there’s a grand assumption among many that bread is difficult to do, that just isn’t true. If you know the basics, you can churn out loaf after loaf easily and pretty cheaply two.

For a simple bread recipe, you only need four things: flour, water, salt and yeast. That’s it. While it’s a little bit more than just throwing it all together in a bowl and then whacking it in the oven, there are relatively few steps in creating a good, simple loaf. Check out the basic recipe HERE.


Hedgehog Rolls

It’s never too early to introduce your kids to cooking, and bread is something simple and easy you can bake with them. Plus playing with dough is always fun.

This hedgehog roll recipe is a great way to infuse a bit more fun into baking while also making something a lot less sugary than cakes or biscuits. You can either make your own bread dough or substitute for pre-packed bread mix if you’re in a hurry.

These treats are incredibly adorable, are simple to make and are perfect if little hands want to get involved.

Irish Soda Bread

Looking for a taste of Ireland without splashing out for plane tickets?

Soda bread is Ireland’s most famous bread and differs from your usual loaf thanks to two of its key ingredients: buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda. Because of the way the bicarb reacts with the buttermilk, it creates rise and means you don’t even have to use yeast! Magic.

Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe there are a number of extra ingredients you can sprinkle in to make it extra special like onions or cheese.

Check out the full recipe HERE

Gluten Free Bread

You don’t need gluten to make a tasty loaf of bread as Jamie Oliver’s recipe shows HERE.

While you can buy gluten-free things in most supermarkets nowadays, they can be on the expensive side. Luckily, gluten-free bread is very similar to its not gluten counterpart in more than one way: it too is very inexpensive to make. Like 95% of bread recipes its also very simple so don’t worry about having to break your wrist every time you feel like making some.

Caramelised onion focaccia

Thought about making your own starters? Focaccia is a great place to start. This Italian bread is well known and loved for its simple flavours and dimpled texture and can be topped with a variety of herbs and vegetables.

Once you’ve made the dough, instead of rolling it into a bread shape, gently push onto a flat baking tray and use oiled fingers to create the dimples. It makes for a more interesting side dish than breadsticks for sure.

You can check out the full recipe HERE.

Cheese and Pesto Whirls

Looking for a fun bread project for your next party/gathering? Whirls it is!

While they may look a bit daunting, especially if you’re an armature baker, the recipe is surprisingly simple. It starts with a simple dough recipe and then cutting it into pieces and rolling together into twists. Doesn’t sound so hard now does it?

Check out the full recipe HERE


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