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Ways To Create The Perfect Black Kitchen Design

While bright spaces and light colours can look wonderful in any room, some of us are a bit more partial to the darker shades on the colour spectrum. Many people avoid black as the main colour in their kitchen design, thinking that it will be too overpowering or gloomy, but that’s simply not the case. While, like any colour, it can be used in the wrong way, applied properly as part of your kitchen design it can bring a real sleek elegance to your space and also has the advantage of going with just about every other colour on the planet. Plus, black is a lot easier to clean than lighter colours! Perfect if you have children/grown ups in your house who just don’t seem to see the messes you do.

So, are you ready to find out how to create the perfect black kitchen design? (You haven’t clicked off the blog yet, so we’re going to take that as a yes!)

Create Balance

While we love black in any kitchen, the first thing that must be understood is that you need to strike a balance. Like with any design, you can’t use too much of a single colour or it’s going to overwhelm the space. Since black is already a very overwhelming colour, finding the right combination of shades to pair with it is crucial. We don’t exactly want your kitchen to look like the bat cave after all.

If you’re a fan of black glossy kitchen doors or units, then pairing them with lighter shades in other aspects of your room will really make those aspects pop. Or if you prefer lighter wooden floors or cabinet colours, black on the walls will add a nice contrast to your kitchen design.

When choosing a lighter colour, neutral and monotone colours like cream, white or grey work well with black and can be used on any aspect of your design. For more details about colours check out our other blog all about it.

Countertops and Cabinets

Let’s get into some more specific areas of your kitchen that can look good in black: your cabinets and countertops.

Matte black cabinets can add a real richness to your design that simply cannot be captured with brighter colours whereas glossy cabinets will add a sophisticated chic. It entirely depends on your preference, but once you have decided make sure to stick with that for your other black elements as matte and gloss can clash when put together.

Dark cabinets are one of the more popular kitchen design choices at the moment, especially in modern a kitchen design… plus they definitely have the cool factor.

Black Kitchen Islands

Can black work for a kitchen island? Of course it can!

Not only is it a sophisticated colour, a black island can add just the right amount of drama to your space. Whether you want to pair it with black chairs and cabinets for a truly dark and tempting vibe, or offset it with a lighter coloured counter for a monochromatic effect it’s guaranteed to be a great addition to your kitchen design.

Black Accessories and Appliances

If you prefer lighter doors and cabinets, you can still incorporate darkness into your design by adding a few black accessories around your kitchen. Things like, vases, fruit bowls and lighting fixtures can easily switched out for black ones to enhance your design.

There are also plenty of other places where black can be incorporated that you might not have thought of like on your door handles or bin can help bring a modern feel to your design. If you want to go even further, why not try some extras like a black kettle or microwave? Even something like your kitchen sink can be dark which will be perfect for tying your black kitchen design together!

Dos and Don’ts

To finish off, let’s cover the main dos and don’ts when it comes to perfecting your black kitchen design.

DO- Experiment. Before you commit, try black in a number of areas of your kitchen to see where you feel it will look best. Make sure to grab a friend or family member for a second opinion!

DON’T- Use it too much in a smaller kitchen design. While we aren’t saying that people with small spaces can’t have a black kitchen, be careful where you use it. Too much black can make your space feel even smaller and create an illusion of more shadows.

DO- Get creative with your lighting. To balance out the darkness of your design, make sure to incorporate bright lights in the important areas of your kitchen, especially if it doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. Too find out more about kitchen lighting, check out our other blog about it HERE

DON’T- Go overboard. Black is a great colour but trust us… don’t put it everywhere.  Balance is key and too much black can make the room feel dim, especially if you don’t have proper lighting. Like with any design, be strategic and plan. You’ll figure out what works.


Inspired to have a bit of a switch up and create a proper black kitchen? Perhaps you’re just in the mood for a redesign in general. If you’re stuck for ideas, make sure to check out our designs page if, or have a look through the rest of our blog for more helpful insights on style, colour, design as well as some seasonal recipes! Our customers reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.


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