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Planning The Perfect Kitchen Design

When it comes to getting that perfect Essex kitchen, there’s a long way from picking out designs that you like on Pinterest and getting all of the different pieces bought and installed.

Many of us would love to update our current kitchen design with something more modern, more vibrant or would just like to make better use of the space, but thinking about where to even begin can be overwhelming. From sorting a budget, to deciding on a style, to finding the right designer, getting a new kitchen can give you a headache before a fitter has even stepped foot in your house.


While the whole process can be scary and stressful, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’re going to give you the rundown of everything you should do when planning your kitchen design, so it won’t be the most anxiety-inducing few months of your life.

Let’s get started.

What do you need?

A kitchen is a space for more than just cooking. Many of us spend hours in there doing a number of other things: making coffee, chatting with friends, working, relaxing e.t.c, so when thinking about a new design, make sure to write down the main actions that will be taking place in the space.

Do you just want a few functional spaces for cooking? Or would you prefer multifunctional areas? How about an island? Or a dining table? Of course, you have to make sure that it’ll all fit in, but outlining exactly what you want out of your kitchen design is the best place to start.


Once you have decided on the functionality of your space, it’s time to see if you have space for everything you want.

Take some time to have a good clear out. Once all that general clutter is out the way, you’ll have a much better understanding of space and you won’t have to factor in all those bits and pieces you haven’t used for years. Plus, it’s always good to have a proper purge once and a while.

Also, consider the surrounding rooms, and if you’d be willing to knock down a wall if you want to extend your space. The most common building work is usually knocking down the wall that separates the kitchen and the living room, so think about if you’d be happy with a more open-plan design instead. We have a blog all about that HERE.

Heating, Plumbing, Electrics

If you’re looking to make some drastic changes to your design, i.e an island with an integrated sink make sure to get your plumbing sorted first. You don’t even want to think about the headache sorting that out is going to be if you forget. Work out where all your new appliances or features will be and make sure there are outlets close by.

A good tip is to have your dishwasher or washing machine near where you want your sink installed as it will help make the plumbing a lot easier.

The Right Lighting

Once you’ve decided on all the major areas in your kitchen, it’s time to think about lighting.

The crucial thing here is making sure that all the important areas of your kitchen are well lit. Spaces that you’re going to be preparing food or handling knives in should definitely have clear lighting. We’d all like to reduce the risk of someone losing a finger.

Plus different parts of your kitchen are going to need different types of light. For example, kitchen islands generally work best with bright overhead lights, whereas under-cabinet L.E.Ds are perfect for brightening up dim worktop space. Check out our full blog covering a number of different lighting options HERE.

Pick the right kitchen designer

You can plan everything you want down to finest detail, but ultimately if you don’t choose the right kitchen designer to go over and install your work, your space can still end up looking a mess.

Only a professional can maximise the potential of your space. With experience in the field, they’ll be able to make the most of your ideas as well as offer up some innovative suggestions you might not have considered beforehand. Designers also have the benefit of being up to date with the latest products and materials and will be able to source everything for you. Ultimately, it’s going to take a lot of stress off your shoulders in the end.

To find the right designer, make sure to have a look at any portfolios they might have of previous work to see if they’d be a good fit. You should also go in and have a chat to sort out the basics before you sign or pay for anything. Ultimately, it’s your money and your kitchen design. You want to make sure that you’re working with the right people to bring your space to life.


At Roman Kitchens, we’ve helped hundreds of people around Essex find the right kitchen design for their space, so why not see how we could help you?

Whatever kind of style you’re interested in, we can help you find everything you’re looking for, right down to the last floor tiles. Have a look at our designs page if you need inspiration or have a read through the rest of our blog for more helpful insights on style, colour and useful tricks to make your kitchen the most dazzling room in your home. Our customer’s reviews are pretty amazing too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchen.

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