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Styling A Grey Kitchen

When thinking about colour choice for your kitchen design, there’s a whole rainbow of shades to explore. From soft blues to shimmering whites or even a mix of your favourite colours it can be tough to choose the best colour scheme for your space.

While we could talk about all the different colours you could choose for your kitchen design, today we’re going to cover one of our current favourites: a grey kitchen.

While grey is probably no one’s favourite colour, it’s a shade that can look wonderfully sophisticated in design-works. From kitchen worktops to kitchen cabinets to kitchen flooring, grey can be wonderful as either a main or accent colour in your design.

As far as kitchen trends go, Grey kitchens have been in style for a while now and it looks like they aren’t going away anytime soon. If you’re looking for some design inspiration, grey could be the right way to go.

Let’s take a look at why grey really is grey-t. (No more puns from this point on we promise)

Complimentary Colours

Grey is a wonderful colour for a kitchen design, but you don’t have to worry about covering every single surface in that shade. Like with any colour, there are a few accents that will work well in your design.

The rule of thumb for colour accents is to either choose complimentary colours, or colours opposite that particular shade on the colour wheel. For example, soft pale greys work well with bolder colours like navy or pink.

Getting creative with your choice of colour can help immensely with the feel of your design. Lighter and brighter colours can help make rooms feel happier and contrasting light and dark colours can give a bolder edge to your design.

Open up your space

Many of us aren’t blessed with too much space in our kitchen, but colour choice can be a huge factor in how spacious a room feels. You can still incorporate grey into a smaller design. While darker shades can make spaces fell more claustrophobic and cramped, soft airy greys can work very well in smaller spaces.

If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, lighter colours can give the illusion of a brighter space as darker colours can make shadows appear larger and more prominent.

Copper accents

If there’s one feature we’ve mentioned more than a few times on this blog, it’s how wonderful copper accents can look. Grey is a neutral colour, so a number of different accessories and accents can look wonderful as part of the design. If you’re implementing darker shades of matte grey in your design, then copper will make a nice shiny contrast.

Used as cabinet handles, taps and even cookware, copper finishing touches can give a timeless chic to your design as well as giving it a more rustic feel.

A Polished Design

Most people love a bit of shine in their kitchen design, and a grey kitchen can look wonderful with a polished design.

If you’re looking for a more industrial style, then you can always pair handless grey units with polished plaster. If you want to go all out, add some exposed brickwork to really give your space an industrial vibe.


A grey kitchen can lack warmth if you aren’t careful. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to bring some life to your design, and one of those is to add some wooden elements.

Wood is known for adding warmth and cosiness in general and can look wonderfully chic as part of your grey kitchen design. Smooth wooden cabinets, wooden handles on your drawers or saucepans and wooden accessories dotted around your space can make your space feel extra homely.  From walnut to pine, there are a number of different woods to choose from to give your kitchen design a warm rustic charm.


No room would be complete without a few statement accessories to truly make the space your own and there are a number of things that can fit in wonderfully in a grey kitchen design.

As grey on its own can look a little clinical and sterile, you can always counteract this by brightening up your room with some greenery. A bouquet of your favourite flowers on your windowsill or countertop is one of the best ways to incorporate some life into your kitchen design without having to make any major design changes. Just remember to replace them every once and a while as shrivelled up plants probably aren’t going to giving anyone any good vibes.

You could also start your owl little herb garden in your kitchen if you want to add some proper home-grown freshness to your cooking. We have a whole list of great herbs you can grow easily in our Spring Kitchens post which you can check out HERE.


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