• We require a £ 2,,000.00 deposit to book an installation date so we can secure the carpenter & other
    necessary tradespeople.
  • A survey is required about 4/5mths prior to installation. Upon survey a deposit of 35% is required. We will
    drawer up our plans for the builders / electricians at this time and order the kitchen to be manufactured.
  • Two weeks before the delivery we require a cleared BACS payment for the final amount less the fitting
    price. On completion of your kitchen we would like the fitter to be paid. This is detailed in the kitchen
    invoice that we send out to you approx. 3 weeks before delivery. This will be your final instalment.
    Should there be any remedials we would naturally send a remedial refund to you of between £ 750.00
    – £ 2,000.00, entrusting that our fitter can be paid. On completion of the remedial by Roman Kitchens we
    will invoice you for the remaining balance on completion.
  • We can only accept the 1st deposit of £ 2,000.00 payment on a credit or debit card. ALL other payments
    must be made by BACS.
  • Should we require to alter the design once a survey has been under-taken we will inform you of any extra
    refunds or costs applicable.
  • Upon Survey, if an extension is being built, we would require a complete set of approved plans scale 1:50
    with detailed room measurements from the Architect. We cannot order the kitchen without this.
  • Once we have started the installation should you wish to make any alterations to the design not previously
    quoted we will need to discuss any additional costs that might be necessary.
  • Once the builders start the rip out, the complete kitchen and utility will need to be taken out. We cannot
    leave sinks in situ for when the carpenter starts fitting. Please ensure the kitchen is clear of all your
    belongings before we rip everything out.
  • We would require space available for the delivery of all your kitchen furniture. If this is delivered into the
    kitchen then all trades must be finished to allow for us to stack / protect the furniture. If we deliver into
    the garage please make sure that the space is made available.
  • We begin our installations on a Monday, should that change due to unforeseen circumstances we will
    inform you as soon as it is possible. We endeavour to install within the timescales that have been set, but
    equally need to sometimes allow for extra time where complications have arisen.
  • We undertake a site check on ALL our projects prior to delivery. We can liaise with your building team if
    you are not using ours & make sure that there is a smooth transmission from build to our carpenter
    starting the kitchen project. It is at this point that should we discover anything not in the correct place
    from what we have been advised by yourselves/ pipes / new plumbing / electrics etc we will inform you.
  •  Please ensure that your building team are ready for the dates that we give you for installation. It is not our
    responsibility to check / chase your building team. Room ready means builders have finished & are no
    longer working or need to do any work in the kitchen.
  • If an extension is being built we would require a room ready for kitchen installation (This is the room being
    like a new build & ready to take a kitchen install). This would mean floor finished if tiled, we cannot deliver
    a kitchen into a room where the floor/walls are not dry as it will damage the furniture. We would also
    expect painted walls, doors & windows fitted, level finished floor. We can put your kitchen & appliances
    into our storage facility if the room is not ready to take a kitchen and would advise of costs involved, this
    would normally be between £50 & £100 a week. However, are install dates are booked months in advance
    so it is better to add time to your build to allow for any delays.
  • We can meet with your builder to go through the kitchen layout & assist in any way that we can. That can
    be at the studio or on-site as required.
  • Please do not try to use the kitchen whilst we are fitting. No appliances are to be used or cupboards filled.
    You will need to wait until the carpenter has finished & the kitchen has been signed off.
  • Please refer to the detailed estimate so that you know what is included in your price. If it is not listed it
    has not been priced in. All building, tiling, electrical & plastering work will be priced independently by our
    trustworthy team of tradesmen.
  • We inspect the kitchen throughout installation & at the end of installation for any damage or
    manufacturing defects, should we need to order anything new in we will advise you on the delivery
    timescales. The fitter will go through the kitchen with you on completion, any defects would be highlighted
    at this stage.
  • We will not be responsible for ANY damage to the kitchen once we have finished. We take photos of our
    kitchens & worktops. If other tradesmen are working in the kitchen after us please ensure all units /
    worktops are very well protected.
  • PAINTED kitchens will be supplied with touch-up paint should you need to use it. Please be careful with
    painted kitchens as they can chip if knocked. Darker colours will be more obvious too.
  • Our kitchens are installed by excellent carpenters & you should not require us to re-visit in respect to the
    installation. Our Installation is guaranteed for 18mths & within that time if we need to adjust anything
    there is no charge for us to come out. Appliances have their own guarantees & you would need to refer
    directly to each for their own specifications. If there was a manufacturing defect on furniture we would
    deal with these items independently. Should you require assistance beyond 18mths there would be a
    service call out charge of £70.00 & we would advise of additional costs if they were necessary.
  • We ask that you sign off the installation with our fitter on a spec sheet before he leaves the site, detailing
    any items that might need replacing or delays on furniture if applicable. This would be followed through
    with an email from Roman Kitchens detailing any items that might need to be finished/replaced. This
    protects you as clients should you have other tradesmen in the kitchen after we have left.
  • The graphics printed or shown on your kitchen are for styling only and are not an exact replica of the
    kitchen. Please refer to the written estimate for products chosen.
  • You can decorate the kitchen before we install but this might need touching up after we have fitted – so
    please bear this in mind.
  • Should you wish to supply your own appliances these must be on-site on day 1 of the fitting installation.
    There is a charge of £50.00 per machine to install as we do not charge when we supply them. Any delays
    on deliveries or faulty appliances, which you have supplied, will incur extra costs if we are no longer onsite when they are delivered or repaired.
  • Should you be supplying your own appliances please advise the Kitchen Surveyor of the make & model
    with kw loads so the required electrics are put in place. We also need this information so that we can
    make sure that the appliances will fit in the kitchen design. We cannot be responsible for incorrect
    information given at this time.
  • Rubbish is collected on the last day of fitting. An allowance is within the estimate. We only collect the
    rubbish once, as it is very expensive. Fridge Freezers are extra’s and will need to be advised if being
    collected by us or your local Council Authority. Should you wish for the rubbish to be collected before the
    end of the installation and also when we are finished we will advise on the additional cost. All our rubbish
    is collected by a registered clearance removal company.
  • We pay for our German Kitchens direct in EUR. Due to exchange rate fluctuations the furniture estimate
    is valid on the day only – this will be revaluated upon confirmation of order – until stabilization.
  • Our total kitchen estimate to include appliances & worktop is valid for 8 weeks.



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