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Time Saving Cooking Hacks

You know what’s fun? Cooking. While eating out is amazing, making something yourself and being proud of your creation feels pretty great. Many of us would love to have the time (and energy) to cook all the time, but life usually gets in the way. Whether you’re exhausted from work, dealing with your family or have accidentally spent the entire day online after just going to check your emails, finding the time to prepare something from scratch is just impossible sometimes.

However, fret not.

Speedy meals don’t always equal unhealthy. You can make food fast without it being fast food and we’re here to highlight some of the best time-saving cooking hacks we could find so you can break out of the monotony of the same meals you’ve been quickly making yourself for probably years now.

Let’s get started.

Instant Oats

Breakfast cooking hacks? We’ve got you covered

Porridge is a great way to start your day, but we all know that we’d rather get that extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning than stand over a stove making porridge. While instant porridge packs are great, they can contain a lot of sugar.

The solution? Make your own!

If you’ve got a spare jar, some oats, yoghurt and fruit, you can quickly whip yourself up an instant porridge pot the night before that you can eat at home or on the go. Plus, you can make them in bulk and keep them safe in the fridge for a week’s worth of oaty indulgence.

Check out the full recipe HERE.

Freezer Breakfast Sandwich

Love a good breakfast sandwich/muffin? Fast food breakfast sandwiches can be VERY tempting but often have a lot of calories and will end up costing you quite a lot in the long run if you make a habit out of it. Save money and make them yourself.

This recipe is great for busy mornings, you can make them in bulk and are good for up to one month in the freezer afterwards. Eat and home or wrap the warmed sandwich in some kitchen roll for an on-the-go breakfast snack.

Two-Ingredient Pancakes

You don’t need to prepare a lot of ingredients to make yourself a great breakfast… in fact you don’t even need three.

You can quickly make yourself some pancakes in the morning even if your fridge is bare. As long as you’ve got bananas and some eggs, you can make yourself a thick, tasty batter that cooks up in no time. Perfect for you to top with your favourite syrup/fruit.

Check out the full recipe and some great topping ideas HERE

Stress-Free Salad

We know what you’re thinking. “How can a salad be stressful?” Well the short answer is, a salad itself isn’t stressful. Making a good one can be. There’s more to a salad than just lettuce and cucumber and by the time you’ve found everything for a salad you actually want to eat, who knows how much time has gone by.

Like with all of our cooking hacks here, planning is key. One thing that can really make or break a salad is the dressing that you choose. However, putting it on your salad in the morning will make it soggy by lunchtime. The solution? Make a great dressing at home, bring it with you in a container and drizzle over some fresh leaves at lunchtime.

While there are a number of great dressings, why not start with this simple vinaigrette? Perfect for any kind of salad.

Herb Fix

Plenty of us like herbs in our meals so why not stock up by putting some in an ice cube tray? Might sound like a weird cooking hack, but just let us explain.

If you add some chopped herbs to an ice cube tray, cover them with olive oil and freeze, you’ve got the perfect flavour pod to drop into the pan or dish next time you’re cooking.

Zuccini Noodles

It’s as far away from the quality of instant noodles as you can get, but is still ready to go in just ten minutes!

Just take some spiralised zucchini or other squash, add to a pot of broth and other veggies and boil for a few minutes on low. Quick, healthy and different. Everything you could want out of a dinner!

Check out the full recipe HERE

Freezer Snacks

The freezer is perfect for sorting out some great cooking hacks.

We’re all guilty of over-snacking and it’s hard to keep track of all those calories. No one ever looks at the serving suggestion on a bag of sweets (or we tactically ignore them).

Try these quick, tasty and guilt-free snacks instead. Fill the sections of an ice cube tray with flavoured yoghurt and top with your own selection of fruit or nuts. Freeze for two hours and voila! Your own home-made treats perfect for popping out on a hot day.

Who bring the best cooking hacks? We do!


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