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Creating a Contemporary Kitchen Design

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There as almost as many kitchen styles as there are kitchens in the world, so trying to come up with a design that will work best for your space can be tricky sometimes. While we’d be here all day covering every popular style, we could think of (as much as we want to) in this blog post, we’re going to cover a kitchen design that many people seek to have which is a contemporary design.

With times and styles continually changing, the term contemporary is very subjective. What looks good now could age horribly over the next couple of years, the same way design elements from twenty years ago could suddenly come back into style. The solution? Functionality.

One of the best ways to create a contemporary kitchen that’s guaranteed to last for more than a couple of years is to make smart design choices. Choices that, not only will keep looking good, but will continue to be useful to you and help you in your day to day life.

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Clean Lines

clean lines design in kitchen

The word contemporary simply means ‘in the present,’ so creating a design that is a constant representative of modern day can feel like an impossible task.

If there’s one thing that really makes a contemporary design, it’s detail. The best way to create harmony in your space is to use strong clean lines when planning and to make sure everything fits well in your design. Don’t just throw in design elements that you like. Think about where they need to go and how geometric shapes could work in your space.

Will a colourful splashback look better on the wall or in the cupboards? How about ceiling lights or a kitchen island? Kitchen islands are a very dynamic feature, so usually look best as a centre point to your design. You can create beautiful contrast by using opposite colours on the features you want to pop, so having a lighter island against a darker backdrop will help you capture a dramatic look.

Make It Open

open design kitchen

One way to create a really functional design is to make it as open as possible. You’d be surprised how easy this is to do, even if you’re working with a smaller room.

Having an open room will show that the kitchen has been appropriately designed as well as helping with clutter and any negative space around the room. In many contemporary designs, there are few cabinets and an open plan island to give you as much room to work with as possible. While this might sound counterproductive, many of these designs implement clever storage solutions. Inside the cupboards, you’ll often find smaller, stacked shelving for showcasing tins and spices.

With the lack of conventional storage space, a lot of contemporary designs turn to the walls for help. Hooks for utensil and cooking aids above the cooker is a feature seen in many designs, and for a good reason. Not only does it free up precious storage and worktop space, but it also means most of the equipment that you might need while cooking on the hob is within grabbing distance and easy to retrieve.

Modern Appliances

modern coffee machine in counter top

If you want to create the most functional space you can, then you can’t go wrong with implementing some more modern appliances. While it feels like everything these days is hooked up to the internet or can be controlled from an app, many of these innovations have proved very useful around the kitchen.

From fridge cameras that can let you know when you’re running low on certain items to undercover stoves, to pop-up plugs for your appliances and smartphones, these days innovation seems almost infinite and the kitchen is no exception.

While all these can be great ideas, remember not to go overboard with technology. Often, these appliances get can pricey, especially if they need repair. Think about which areas of your kitchen you’d like more help with and focus there.

Having Fun with Texture

kitchen design with texture

With designs often minimal in contemporary kitchens, this is where you can get creative with the textures. You can experiment on many different aspects of your kitchen and can bring some real character to your space.

One way to do this is to add marble splashbacks against a minimal colour scheme. Above drawers or a hob, the detail can bring a real calmness to your space, especially if you’re taking advantage of softer colours like cream and navy.

To add some fun texture to your units, try adding some wood tones to your design. Wooden drawers or cabinets can bring a real warmth to your space, perfect if you’re contrasting it with cooler colours. The solid structure will also give your contemporary design a real sense of durability. A great feeling as we want this design to last as long as it possibly can. Just because contemporary kitchens usually have simple designs, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy feel to achieve. The most minimal designs often have the most work put into them, but ultimately that’s what creating a contemporary kitchen is all about; planning.

If you take some time, think about what you really want in your contemporary kitchen design and talk to a kitchen expert, then you should end up with a design that you’ll be proud to show off for many years to come. Have a look at our designs page if you need inspiration for your modern design. The rest of our blog is also jam-packed with other great kitchen design ideas as well as tips and tricks on style and colour. Our customer reviews are pretty good too so pop over to Roman Kitchens and let us design your dream kitchens.

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